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Workshop on “Lightweight Verification for Complex Systems (LiVe4CS)”

Date: Tuesday 2017-12-05

Location: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

(Details: room 420, Livingstone Tower, 26 Richmond Street, GLASGOW, G1 1XH, UK)

Local organiser: Conor McBride


Timeslot Contents
10.00-12.30 Closed meeting, discussion of the LiVe4CS proposal write-up
13.30-14.10 Jurriaan Hage (Utrecht University): Domain-specific type error diagnosis in GHC
14.10-14.50 Neil Ghani (U. Strathclyde): Compositional Game Theory
15.10-15.50 Patrik Jansson (Chalmers University): DSLsofMath: Presenting Mathematical Analysis Using Functional Programming
15.50-16.30 Uli Schöpp (LMU Munich): Defunctionalisation as Modular Closure Conversion
16.50-17.30 Team St Andrews (Kevin Hammond et al): Type-Directed Reasoning for Probabilistic, Non-Compositional Resources

LiVe4CS academic consortium members

  Uni. Name  
DE LMU Ulrich Schöpp  
DE LMU Steffen Jost  
DE LMU Martin Hofmann  
SE UGOT Andreas Abel  
SE UGOT Moa Johansson  
SE UGOT Patrik Jansson  
NL UU Jurriaan Hage  
NL UU Wouter Swierstra  
NL UU Johan Jeuring  
UK HWU Sven-Bodo Scholz  
UK HWU Ekaterina Komendantskaya coordinator
UK USTAN Edwin Brady  
UK USTAN Kevin Hammond  
UK USTR Conor McBride local organiser
UK USTR Neil Ghani